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We offer a wide variety of white papers, brochures, and fliers that provide information on our four brands. To order a hard copy of any of these publications click the tick box next to the publication you desire and provide your shipping details below.

PDF’s are also available for selected publications. Click the Download PDF link to download your PDF copy.

Acros Organics

Organic Synthesis
   Acros Organics catalog
   AcroSeal packaging brochure   (Download PDF)
   Organosilanes brochure   (Download PDF)
   Organometallic white paper   (Download PDF)
   Palldium-Catalyzed Coupling Chemistry brochure   (Download PDF)
   Catalysts for Organic Chemistry brochure   (Download PDF)
  Ultra Pure Inorganics (PDF only)
New 25mL AcroSeal packaging flier (PDF only)

Focus on Organics
  Boronic Building Blocks (PDF only)
Organosilanes (PDF only)
Active Chloro-Heterocycles (PDF only)
Grignard Reagents (PDF only)
Phosphine Ligands (PDF only)
Reductive Amination (PDF only)
Oxidation Chemistry (PDF only)
Aromatic Deproto-Metallation (PDF only)
Fisher Chemical

Elemental Analysis
   Fisher Chemical and Fisher BioReagents Laboratory Reagents handbook   (Download PDF)
   New Products for LC-MS Applications brochure   (Download PDF)
   UHPLC Gradient Grade Solvents brochure   (Download PDF)
   High Purity Acids Trace Analysis brochure   (Download PDF)
   Fisher Chemical Buffers Traceable to NIST brochure (Download PDF)
  New 5L HDPE Bottle packaging flyer (PDF only)

Fisher Chemical

Life Science Applications
   Molecular Grade Water flier   (Download PDF)
   Molecular Grade Ethanol flier   (Download PDF)
   Fisher BioReagents Stockroom Essentials flier   (Download PDF)
   Isopropanol Molecular flier   (Download PDF)
   Buffers for LS Research brochure   (Download PDF)
   Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis brochure   (Download PDF)
   Protein Electrophoresis brochure   (Download PDF)
   SurePrep flier   (Download PDF)

Acros Organics

Drug Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry
   Maybridge Building Blocks flier   (Download PDF)
   Screeing and Fragment Collections brochure   (Download PDF)
   Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library flier   (Download PDF)
   Chiral Resolution Screening and Purification Kits brochure   (Download PDF)
Bulk, Semi Bulk and Specialized Services
   Your Specialiized Chemical Services Partner brochure    (Download PDF)
   High-volume Solvent Delivery System brochure    (Download PDF)
   Top Chemicals for Life Sciences & Biotech Industry flier    (Download PDF)
  Top Chemicals for Peptide Synthesis and Sequencing flier (PDF only)
Top Chemicals for Nucleic Acid Synthesis and DNA Sequencing flier (PDF only)
Solutions for Production Chemicals flier (PDF only)
Top Chemicals for Contact Lens Manufacturers flier (PDF only)
M-CPBA Technical Data Sheet (PDF only)

   GHS Poster I   (Download PDF)
   GHS Poster II   (Download PDF)
   GHS Poster III   (Download PDF)


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