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Terms and Conditions

For our detailed terms and conditions, click here.

General information

Acros Organics, located in Geel (Belgium), has a worldwide distributor network.  We are committed to fulfilling your order quickly and accurately.

Shipment information

Orders are shipped in principle on the day that we receive them.  If you have special requirements, or if you wish a written confirmation of your order, delivery at a special address or a consolidated delivery, please mention this clearly on your order.

Cold pack

Some products need to be shipped with dry ice, which will cool down the shipped items for 2-3 days. Please consider this time especially when you are going to order before bank holidays. We charge you with a flat rate of USD 25.00 / EUR 19.00 (U.S. customers / EU customers)  per shipment. Please contact us for further details.


Contact your local distributor for more information.

Product responsibility

Working with chemicals requires a responsible attitude from the user as well as from the purchaser.  That is why Acros Organics fully subscribes to the Responsible Care principle.

If you require specific product or safety information, please contact your local sales office

The mention of possible applications, references, literature data, references to companies, researchers, patents or methods are given solely as information and as an inspiration for your creative research.  It is absolutely not the purpose of Acros Organics to infringe on the rights or patents of third parties, or to give rise to such infringements.  The Quality Assurance Process of Acros Organics guarantees the purity of the products, and their suitability for laboratory use by trained and experienced chemists.  Acros Organics assumes that its customers are suitably qualified to work with chemicals.

Acros Organics cannot and will not take responsibility for the applications of our products.  Therefore, Acros Organics products are explicitly not suitable to be used as drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals, food additives, agricultural or pesticide products.

Working with chemicals requires a thorough knowledge, revision and application of all regional, national and international laws and regulations.  Certain chemicals are extremely dangerous to humans and/or to the environment, or can be used for improper purposes.

Acros Organics assumes that its customers will check their compliance with all legal obligations regarding the purchasing, importing, stocking and usage of all chemicals they order.  Acros Organics cannot assume responsibility for these issues.  Some Acros Organics products, although available from stock, are subject to legal control.  Orders for such products will be treated separately and may take some time to be fulfilled.

For certain chemicals we may ask the buyer to provide written confirmation that the chemical will neither be purchased nor resold for an improper use.  Some chemicals require a license from the buyer.

Please note that there may be local regulations in your country, that can influence above written terms & conditions.  Therefore, please contact your local distributor or Acros Organics direct for more details.