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New building blocks, scaffolds, and advanced intermediates

Enhance the productivity and innovativeness of your structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies with new tools from Acros Organics.

Acros Organics is pleased to offer the medicinal chemist a diverse range of scaffolds, building blocks and advanced intermediates, coupling agents, acids, bases and solvents to help you attain results faster and more cost effectively.

Competitive opportunities

Expand your pipeline rapidly and competitively with these new offerings from Acros Organics.  These unique molecules offer the following benefits:

  • advanced, rigid structures promise interesting binding properties
  • documented potential for pharmacological activity
  • multifunctional for synthetic diversity
  • orthogonally protected for regioselective derivatization
  • exotic, elegant structures allow for the design of new, "lean" target molecules

Chiral building blocks, scaffolds, and advanced intermediates

Through a collaboration with Chirotech (Dow Pharma), a leader in chirality and the application of technology, Acros Organics has recently added a highly valuable and unique selection of chiral scaffolds, building blocks and advanced intermediates to its product range.  This portfolio is sorted as follows. 


  • functionalized cyclopentanes
  • functionalized piperidines

Building blocks and advanced intermediates

  • functional cyclopentanes
  • 2-alkyl succinates
  • alcohols
  • amines
  • amino acids
  • BOC amino                                     
  • FMOC amino acids
  • amino alcohols
  • diols
  • halo acids        

                   Download the full list of compounds here