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Arylboronic acids and their esters are highly popular synthetic intermediates in organic synthesis both for their ease of conversion to other functional groups (such as phenols and aryl halides) and to their efficient Pd-catalyzed coupling with aryl or vinyl halides or triflates to form biaryl and alkyl aryl derivatives. 

The latter transformation, the Suzuki coupling reaction, offers a significant enhancement (easy aqueous workup, low toxicity and environmental impact, compatibility with electrophilic substituents, air stability, and low cost) to the previous routes for the preperation of such C-C coupled products, which involved the coupling of organometallic reagents with aryl halides.  In addition, there has been a wealth of recent examples further extending the utility and scope of the Suzuki reactions such as the preparation of heterocyclic compounds and the introduction of alkoxycarbnyl-protected b-aminoethyl groups into arenes and alkenes.

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