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The use of phosphine ligands is necessary for nearly all homogeneous catalysis with precious-metals. 

The choice of the right ligand can influence:

  • the solubility of the active species
  • the shielding and sterical properties of the catalyst
  • the electron-density at the metal atom
  • the reactivity of the catalyst in the catalytic cycle
  • the enantioselectivity of the reaction (with chiral ligands)

In the following brochure is a listing of all available phosphine ligands from Acros Organics grouped by the following criteria:

  • monodentate mono-, di- and triarylphosphines
  • monodentate trialkylphosphines
  • phosphine halogenides and ligand precursors
  • bidentate, non-chiral phosphine ligands
  • chiral phosphine ligands

If you want to receive this brochure, send your e-mail to, mentioning your complete address and write 'phosphine ligands brochure' in the subject line.