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Can your solvent take the pressure? New Fisher Chemical UHPLC Gradient Grade Solvents can!

UHPLC technology represents a giant leap in separation science using Liquid Chromatography.

Chromatographers can now use UHPLC to massively speed up conventional HPLC separations giving increased relative sensitivity, or to dramatically improve resolution in longer analysis runs.

In order to maximize the benefits of UHPLC technology chromatographers require the use of specially purified solvents.

Our new Fisher Chemical UHPLC Gradient Grade product line offers these superior high-purity solvents designed to meet the required quality levels of UHPLC technology.

These new Fisher Chemical UHPLC Gradient Grade solvents display high UV transmission making them the ideal solvent for UHPLC applications using UV detection. Filtration to 0.1 ┬Ám levels ensures lower baseline noise and will also reduce pump blockages normally associated with this type of analysis.

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